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Greenbelt cleaning delivers!  I have never had my home professionally cleaned before and I was not disappointed with my first experience.  They cleaned my five bedroom home with attention to detail leaving no corner uncleaned.  I have two dogs that shed constantly.  Greenbelt cleaning was able to get the fur off of the couch and out of the corners!  The house smelled wonderfully inviting and didn't have that overbearing chemical smell.  I definitely appreciated the "green" aspect for this and the fact that I'm helping the environment.  They were able to rid my shower of pesky soap scum and left things spotless.  Not only could you tell that they used some good old elbow grease but they also took care when dusting in and around my shelves.  I'm definitely going to use them again for the special gatherings and for just everyday up keep.  They're professionals that treat you with that great personal touch!

Kimberly -NE Portland

“Greenbelt employees have repeatedly done a superb job cleaning my home. I can't wait to get home on the days that they come to my home - the results are extremely consistent and way above expectations of traditional chain companies. Additionally, I feel good about knowing my home was cleaned with products that aren't harmful to my son who suffers from allergies and asthma."

Erin~ Beaverton

"Greenbelt Cleaning possesses the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, and dependability when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning products and services. They care about providing excellent and affordable services in keeping your home and/or business Green AND clean! If you are interested in making small steps to care for the environment and your family's or employer's health, and want an immaculately clean home or workplace, call Greenbelt Cleaning!!"

Laurie~ SE Portland

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